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Web Sites That Use Embroidery Draw 2:
embroiderydesignplace.com All designs from the past 5 years start in Embroidery Draw.
hob-embroidery.com Has been using Embroidery Draw for 3 years now.
schoolofdigitizing.com Just started to teach about Embroidery Draw and incorporating it into their lessons.
libisembroiderycreationstwo.com/ Uses Embroidery Draw.
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Embroidery Draw is a drawing program designed for embroidery digitizers. It is used to draw out the design which is the first step in digitizing. Embroidery Draw can realize this feat by allowing the user to easily trace around multiple images using curves, lines, or pre-made patterns. It can also draw in multiple layers and new features are constantly being added to it. Once a drawing has been drawn the drawing can be saved as a BMP, JPG, EMF, or as a Brother PE-Design PEM file. The PEM file can be directly imported into PE-Design software. Embroidery Draw is simple to use and yet provides advance tools for advance users.

We have many free video and pdf tutorials of Embroidery Draw, please see the tutorial page.

Embroidery Draw is not a digitizing program but is a drawing program that performs the first step in creating a digitized embroidery design. If you create embroidery designs from scratch then Embroidery Draw might be the program for you. It has many features to help to realize your embroidery designs. Such as:

  • Selecting points, lines, objects, or all. These items can be selected from one layer or multiple layers.
  • The selected items can be rotated, resized, moved, and mirrored. The pivot point which the items can be rotated, resized, or mirrored around can be moved. This gives greater freedom while manipulating.
  • Multiple images can be loaded into the program to trace around and those images can be resized, rotated, moved, or centered.
  • The Free Standing Lace tool generator can aid you in creating free standing lace patterns.
  • The Doily tool generator can aid you in creating doilies.
  • The pattern tool can give you extra objects to draw easily.
  • When exporting the drawing as a PEM you can change the sampling rate of curves.
  • The drawing pad can be calibrated to provide you a 1 to 1 view of the drawing, which will allow you to see the drawing as it's true size on your computer screen.



Just purchased embroidery draw and have to say a big thanks to the creators of this program. I usually have to scan my images in and then manually punch them, and this can take along time. By using this program I was able to trace my image in about 20 minutes and save it as a jpeg and import it into my generations program. It came in so clear and the lines were just great.

Sometimes, I used my paint program, but that just doesn't cut it. So, I just wanted to say thanks, I now I going back and play a little bit more and read the information on how to use all the tools.
Kelly - Posted on Embroidery Draw Yahoo Group

"Hi my name is Sue I would like to tell you why I like Embroidery Draw so much. If you are new at digitizing you might wonder why you need a drawing program made just for embroidery. I can tell you from experience that it saves you so much time. I have used other drawing programs and have found Embroidery Draw to be much easier to use. I would like to tell you about a few of the features that I really like.

1, I can resize my image so if I have a small picture to digitize from but I need my embroidery design to be a little larger I can resize the image to any size I want it to be. Now the line drawing that I draw in Emb. Draw will be the size my design needs to be when I digitize it.
2, The simple mover is a great tool you can choose to move all the lines that you have drawn. or just 1 object that the lines are attached to , or a line or a curve, or just an edit point. This makes it so nice to get your outline perfect.
3, The pull apart tool is very useful. You can draw a circle with the circle tool so you get a perfect circle then if you need a small piece of the circle cut out to make it like a 3/4 moon Then you can use the pull apart tool and just cut that section out . Then you can just click around the inside.
4, There's an add a point tool that helps you get a better curve to a line.
5, There is a delete item tool that when you click on it you can choose to delete an object , line or point. Real nice for those of us who make mistakes.
6, The rotate tool is so easy to turn an object. What I like best is that I can see how much it turns not just put in numbers to turn it.
7, There is a resize tool that allows you to resize in any direction, vertical, horizontal or uniform so that the drawing stays the exact shape only larger of smaller.
8, There is also a mirror tool that allows you to change the direction vertical or horizontal or by degrees.
9, This program has a lot of features that allow you to work with the image before you start to draw. You can move, resize, center, rotate, etc. These features come in handy to help you get the image the way you want it before you start to draw.
10, One feature that I love is the continues undo and redo. This allows you to try different things if you don't like what you did you can undo until it is back to where you want the drawing. If you undo too many times you can redo. This is great for women who change their minds a lot.
11, There are features like show grid and snap to grid that allows you to get lines perfect with very little effort.

To sum this up for you Embroidery Draw will make digitizing so much easier. For those of you who think you can never learn to digitize because you can never clean up a design enough to digitize this program is just what you need. After you are done drawing your design you save it in the format that your digitizing program will read. You bring it up into your software and most of the time you can take it to the very last stage to put in the stitches. This program saves you from all the erasing of thick lines and trying to get them all the same width and it saves you from moving all the edit points to get lines strait. I would like to tell you that I don't work for Embroidery Draw I just tried this program and was so impressed with it.